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Kamado | If liquids boil over

The Kamado features a drain pipe below the heat sensor, which allows liquid to release from the bottom. In the event that liquids boil over, DO NOT tilt the Kamado, as the liquid may cause damage to the circuit board. To drain and clean the Kamado after liquids boil over, follow the steps below.

Cleaning steps:

1. Unplug the Kamado and place a dry cloth underneath. Let it cool completely.

2. Create a soap solution with 100ml of lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of mild dish soap.

3. Remove the rubber ring from the heat sensor and slowly pour the soap solution into the Kamado.

4. Press the center button several times to allow the solution to drain.

5. Wipe the interior and pour clean, lukewarm water to remove any solution residue.

6. Dry the Kamado with a cloth and set the rubber ring back into place.

To learn how to prevent liquids from boiling over in the first place, please watch the below video.


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