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Turn Up the Heat.

Our pans are made with Enamel Thermal Technology, which delivers instant evaporation, reducing the need for professional techniques to eliminate excess water, such as pan-shaking over high heat. Take advantage of Vermicular cast iron's exceptional heat conductivity to cook more delicious, nutrient-dense meals with the perfect texture.

Evaporation Speed — 1 tsp (5 ml) of water at 480ºF

Comparison Graphic

Evaporates 100 times faster than non-stick aluminum pans

Source: internal testing

Stir-Frying Reignited

Stir-fry like a top chef, right at home. Our pans evaporate surface moisture from ingredients instantaneously, swiftly browning and crisping outer layers while retaining maximum taste and nutrition for a delectable mouthfeel and umami-rich flavor. The ability to transfer heat to the ingredients so efficiently prevents them from leaching out moisture and losing flavor, which can happen with longer cook times. The combination of our proprietary enamel technology with the pans’ high heat conductivity results in more delicious food and unforgettable mealtimes.

Bean Sprouts stir-fried in a Vermicular pan

Excess water is removed instantly, keeping the sprouts crisp and flavorful.

Bean Sprouts stir-fried in a non-stick pan

Excess water remains, resulting in a soggy stir-fry.

Dependable Durability

Unlike non-stick pans, a Vermicular pan is safe to use at higher temperatures. And unlike other cast iron skillets or carbon steel pans, a Vermicular pan can cook acidic food without imparting a metallic taste or risking damage to the metal. Durability is one of our key performance metrics for quality, and our Japanese craftspeople have achieved a highly durable pan that will last a long time when properly cared for. Our pans are perfect for everyday use by home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Easy Care. Easy Clean.

Easy Care. Easy Clean.

Made of enameled cast iron, our pans are rust-resistant and easy to clean. They can be washed simply with mild dish soap, eliminating any concern for lingering smells or tastes. Better still, you can enjoy all the benefits of a cast iron pan without the hassle of seasoning, making maintenance an effortless experience.

Non-Toxic, Non-Reactive

Non-Toxic, Non-Reactive

Clean materials are the core of our craft. Like our cast iron pots, the enamel glaze on our pans is made of powdered glass and is free of harmful chemicals. The enamel prevents iron from leaching into your food, unlike other uncoated cast iron cookware. Vermicular pans are PTFE-, PFAS-, and PFOA-free, which means the use of high heat will never produce toxic fumes.

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