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Vermicular Frying Pan
Comp frying pan
Glass Lid
Complete your pan and extend its versatility with a lightweight and thoughtfully designed glass lid.
Self-Standing Lid Handle
An elegant, handcrafted cast iron handle allows the lid to be rested vertically to save counter space.
Wood Handle
A single piece of Oak or Walnut is hand-carved for comfortable, feel-good stovetop cooking.
Oven-Safe Skillet
Comp oven safe skillet
Stainless Steel Lid
Sleek and durable against high temperatures, the lid expands your skillet’s culinary repertoire.
Heat-Shielding Joint
An innovative stainless steel joint inhibits heat transfer to the handle for mitt-free stovetop cooking.
Aluminum Handle
A heat-resistant finish on lightweight, matte-black aluminum maximizes functionality and ease of use.
Refreshingly Lightweight

Refreshingly Lightweight

An indispensable tool in every kitchen, a pan worthy of daily use should not only result in higher-quality dishes; to the cook, it must also be a delight to use. Vermicular pans are at least 50% thinner than traditional cast iron skillets, making them incredibly lightweight, ergonomic, and responsive.

Feel-Good Handle

As an essential kitchen tool, a frying pan ought to be a pleasure to wield on an everyday basis. A smooth and sturdy handle crafted out of a single piece of hand-polished wood combines an elegant look with a delightful feel.

Available in Oak or Walnut for the Vermicular Frying Pan.

Feel-Good Handle

The matte-black, lightweight handle is made from a single piece of aluminum and coated in a heat-resistant finish. An innovative, stainless steel joint keeps the handle from becoming too hot to hold during regular stovetop use.

Available for the Oven-Safe Skillet.

Elegant Lid

Complete your pan and extend its versatility with an elegant and thoughtfully designed lid. The heat-resistant, enameled cast iron handle, which is crafted piece by piece, allows the lid to stand vertically, saving precious counter space.

Available in Glass or Stainless Steel.

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