Vermicular | Dashi Stock

Dashi Stock

Cooking Flow
13 min
Cooking Steps

[WARM 200ºF] 10 min

[MED] 3 min + 10 seconds


20 g kombu (dried kelp) – 1% of total water weight
40 g katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) – 2% of total water weight
8 cups (2000 ml) water

  1. Lightly clean the surface of kombu with a dry cloth and combine water and kombu in the pot. Cover and let soak for 20 minutes, then set to heat at [WARM 200°].

  2. Once you hear a beep after 10 minutes, uncover and remove kombu as it begins to start simmering. Skim the surface.

  3. Cover and cook over [MED] heat and bring to a boil, about 3 minutes.

  4. Turn off heat, skim off the surface again and pour katsuobushi in the pot. Cook over [MED] heat for about 10 seconds uncovered and turn off heat again.

  5. Once the katsuobushi sinks to the bottom of the pot, strain dashi through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth-lined colander into a medium bowl.

  • Do not rinse the kombu with water as it will wash off the umami components which contribute to a flavorful dashi.

  • Bringing it to a boil in Step 3 will help get rid of the fishy odor of kombu.

  • It is not recommended to boil over a long period of time as dashi will lose its fragrance and become bitter.

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