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Vermicular Village

A Culture of Craft

Our signature products—the Musui–Kamado, Frying Pan, and Oven Pot—are just moments within a larger process involving the things we love: food, family, community, education, and fun. In December 2019, in our home city of Nagoya, along the Nakagawa Canal, we opened a space for guests to explore the many sides of Vermicular: The Vermicular Village.

It is a place where products, flavors, and concepts are on display, and new things are cooked up every day. There are two sides to the Vermicular Village. The Dine Area invites you to explore an evolving menu of food cooked with Vermicular products, while the Studio Area is a place to shop, learn, and see Vermicular cookware in the making. We invite you to our village today, wherever you are in the global village. Here is a taste of what you can look forward to.

Dine Area

Everything you can see, smell, and taste in the Vermicular Village Dine Area was made using Vermicular cookware. It is our way of bringing anyone who visits a taste of the varieties of culinary possibilities enabled by our cast iron crafts.

The Foundry

Our full-service restaurant, The Foundry, is a place to rediscover your favorite meal, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We want you to taste flavors intensified by our cast iron pots and cooked to perfection in our cast iron pans. The Foundry isn’t just where great food is made; it is where delicious new memories are created.

Pot Made Bakery

Vermicular cookware excels at what it is designed for: cooking in all its forms. Pot Made Bakery is our bakery cafe, serving up international classics like country bread and pastries of all kinds and Japanese favorites like shokupan bread and curry bread. All bread and pastries are thoughtfully baked in Vermicular cast iron pots, resulting in tasty, rich bread that is crusty on the outside and soft and moist inside.

Chef’s Table

We continue to test ourselves creatively through our concept called Chef’s Table. It is a counter-top service where we invite internationally renowned chefs to create meals with Vermicular’s cast iron cookware collection. The Chef’s Table is also utilized to host seasonal pop-ups such as a shaved ice and baked fruit salon, which run for a limited time.

Studio Area

The Vermicular Village Studio Area contains our flagship retail store, international cookbook library, kitchen studio, and onsite manufacturing laboratory. These spaces reflect our focus on crafted quality guests can see and feel. Beyond that, it is a space in which we can share our legacy as a brand that epitomizes passionately and precisely crafted cast iron cookware.

Flagship Shop

Currently the only one of its kind, our flagship shop is a space to see Vermicular cast iron cookware and hold them in your hands. Our store is an insider’s look into products that have yet to become available internationally, so it is an exclusive, interactive way for you to discover and learn about the range of Vermicular products. The store also curates original kitchen items produced in collaboration with acclaimed designers and a collection of hand-picked kitchenware with an overarching theme of artisanship.

Cookbook Library

The Vermicular Village is a place to discover and learn as much as it is a place to taste and shop, and our cookbook library offers exactly that: a curated collection of cookbooks from around the world for you to peruse. The library is a place to pique your curiosity, get excited, and take some inspiration home with you.

Kitchen Studio

Cooking is one of the fundamental activities of human life. It creates food that nourishes us physically but can also bind us socially and spiritually. The Kitchen Studio offers a wide range of cooking classes, some led by world-famous chefs, to help develop new skills and strengthen existing ones. As a family company ourselves, we have family-friendly cooking classes and encourage you to learn with the next generation who may be using the same Vermicular cookware you have at home!

Manufacturing Laboratory

The manufacturing laboratory is where it all begins. It is a window into a process three generations in the making, resulting in Vermicular, named after the warp-resistant graphite iron alloy of our meticulously crafted cookware. This small laboratory is equipped with everything required to craft Vermicular cookware—from casting and precision machining to enamel coating—and this space is used to create original models for top chefs across the world. In addition to inviting guests to observe Vermicular craftsmen at work through live demonstrations, the laboratory holds workshops where guests can immerse in Japanese monozukuri (craft-creation) experiences. Through the manufacturing laboratory, one can see the process of producing our heirloom-quality cookware, made to last for generations.

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