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Vermicular House

We welcome you to our Tokyo Flagship.

Emboldened by the success of Vermicular Village, we celebrated the grand opening of a second flagship space known as Vermicular House in Daikanyama last December.

Often referred to as the Brooklyn of Tokyo, Daikanyama is a charming neighborhood and go-to spot for brunches at terraces, strolls through bookstores and bakeries, and repasts at restaurants for seekers of some serious eats. We believe it’s the perfect backdrop for Vermicular House, where you can experience the ethos of the Vermicular lifestyle and the value of exceptional Japanese craftsmanship in a beautifully designed, immersive space.

Vermicular House is the culmination of the ten years of growth and success we’ve had in Japan, as well as a celebration of our expansion across various markets in Asia and the US. Like its predecessor, Vermicular Village—the original flagship located in the brand’s birthplace of Nagoya—Vermicular House encourages visitors to shop, dine, learn, and discover “The Ultimate Vermicular Experience.”

Vermicular House Kitchen

Vermicular House Kitchen is a full-service, modern fusion restaurant where you can savor the intensified flavors of seasonal Japanese ingredients methodically prepared in Vermicular cookware.

The dining room is open for lunches, dinners, and of course, dessert. From hearty stews and steaks to fresh seafood and vegetable fare, each dish is a nourishing balance of delicate flavors.

The range of textures, tastes, and aftertastes, the venue’s intimate ambience, even the meticulous selection of cutlery—indeed, the totality of the dining experience—captivate every sense. This harmonious interplay of sensorial delights is what we believe to be the core tenet of The Ultimate Vermicular Experience.

The kitchen is spearheaded by Chef Naoya Kobayashi. Prior to joining Vermicular, he honed his skills in France at establishments including Hostellerie Jérôme and Garance; he then returned to Japan to serve as Pirouette’s chef de cuisine before gracing us with his aptitude for serving up a mouthwatering menu.

One of his novel creations (pictured above) is a citrus-infused tiramisu and coffee ice cream pairing. The Musui–Kamado’s signature musui “waterless” cooking method is used to gently combine mascarpone cheese and citrus jam, while the precision heating function–by 1 degree increments–blends coffee and milk. The result is a luxurious tiramisu with an irresistible citrus essence and a rich, deeply aromatic coffee ice cream.

Vermicular House Kitchen even offers beverages made in the Musui–Kamado: ginger essence infusions, apple confiture sodas, and precision-distilled mint concoctions, to name but a few.

Like the rest of Vermicular’s culinary establishments, dishes change dynamically with the seasons–so you’ll want to revisit time and time again.

Pot Made Deli

Our first-ever delicatessen, Vermicular Pot Made Deli, serves an impressive array of fresh, prepared meals for dine-in and takeout that epitomize just how far the art of simple cooking can take you using Vermicular cookware.

One of our lofty goals is to serve “the world’s most delicious onigiri.” (Onigiri are balls of rice, typically wrapped with nori and containing a meat, seafood, or vegetable filling). Made to order, each onigiri is uncomplicated but flavorful, partly owing to the unparalleled quality of rice that’s been prepared in our beloved Musui–Kamado.

Flagship Shop

The full lineup of Vermicular cookware is on display at this experiential retail space, including exclusive product sizes and an expansive assortment of our original kitchen accessories and artisanal kitchenware. The selection highlights the beauty and workmanship of handcrafted goods produced by other traditional Japanese craft techniques as well.

The shop features a demo kitchen where Vermicular concierges provide interactive cooking demonstrations (and of course, tastings!)

Cooking Room

Cooking is one of the most creative and rewarding activities in our everyday lives. As such, our all-level cooking classes intend for guests to expand their culinary repertoire and leave entertained, educated, and most importantly, inspired. In addition to regularly held lessons, the kitchen studio offers exclusive classes led by world-renowned chefs.

Cookbook Library and Coffee Stand

For those desirous of a slow-paced afternoon with a book in one hand and a freshly baked pastry in the other, the Cookbook Library is the perfect haven.

The library is filled to the brim with a collection of approximately 1,500 culinary and lifestyle books to discover, ranging from those newly published to out-of-print classics. The theme of each curated shelf is inspired by the sheer significance of food in human lives since time immemorial. One can peruse books on food’s role in health and beauty, or the interplay between food and technology, and even the appearance of food in fables and art.

And of course, the entire collection of Vermicular recipe books and brand narratives are available for your reading pleasure.

At the adjacent coffee stand, you can enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee and a warm cookie or other delectable sweet treats, like cakes and puddings. With tasting notes of blueberries and nuts, our medium roast house blend is sure to entice any coffee enthusiast, sipped on its own or in a frothy latte.

Our Commitment to Inspiration and Joy

We consider ourselves to be more than just a food and lifestyle brand. As creators, we possess a deep interest in all forms of design. It is for this reason that you’ll notice such attention to detail all throughout Vermicular House, from our selection of table napkins, to the diffusion of light, to the site’s materiality throughout.

You could spend an entire day exploring the various nooks and crannies of Vermicular House, and still not have chanced upon every hidden surprise. One such moment of delight is coming across a set of Vermicular cast iron speakers, which play original music sampling foundry sounds, like striking iron.

The goal of Vermicular House? To simultaneously educate and entertain. To immersively show–and not just tell–the true value of our brand. Having touched and demystified the functionality of the products, dined in and realized just how much more flavorful Vermicular-cooked food becomes, and felt the world-class quality for oneself, one is armed with a genuine understanding of how Vermicular enriches life, infusing joy and inspiration into every meal.

Our products are not exclusive to luxury kitchens, culinary connoisseurs, or professional chefs. We aim to inspire even those who may at first feel trepidation towards the act of cooking, and prove that with Vermicular, even a novice can cook a delicious meal without fail.

Wherever in the world you happen to be today, we graciously await your future visit to Vermicular House. It is our intention for people from all over the world to experience firsthand the magic of Vermicular. Learn more about Vermicular House here.