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Our Brand Philosophy

At the Heart of Vermicular

Through Japanese sensibility and craftsmanship, Vermicular is committed to enriching food culture around the world by manufacturing timeless and universal cookware valued for years to come.

Good food is universally appreciated. It can only come from ingredients of quality. We believe in the simplicity of a lifestyle that appreciates good quality ingredients and savors their natural flavors.

Japan is a country blessed with four distinct seasons and an abundant bounty from the sea and soil; that is why, appreciation for flavorful, peak seasonal ingredients is ingrained in Japanese culture.

The respect for nature has also provided the foundation of washoku—Japanese cuisine—which in culinary terms translates to preparing local, hyper-seasonal ingredients in ways that accentuate their inherent goodness. Washoku centers on the philosophy of subtraction with great emphasis on simplicity. It is about distilling the purest, most intense flavor of an ingredient, epitomized by the concept of umami.

With the finest level of craftsmanship, Vermicular distills and intensifies true flavors. Our cookware maximizes the inherent deliciousness in all ingredients, naturally.

We are dedicated to elevating the home cooking experience by cherishing a lifestyle that savors the natural flavors of ingredients. It is about growing a community that shares a common appreciation for the joy and beauty of home cooking and the pleasure it brings through joining families and loved ones.

We believe home cooking makes people healthier, happier, and more socially connected, ultimately bringing more smiles to more homes.

Health at the Forefront

When an ingredient is naturally delicious, it is naturally nutritious. Our enameled cast iron pots were designed to draw out the natural flavors of ingredients and, as a result, seal in their most nutritious properties. Vermicular pots are carefully machined to form our signature precision seal, such that the contact area between the pot and lid is precisely hand-machined to fit at a gap of less than 0.01 mm of variance, which helps intensify natural flavors.

We are the only cast iron cookware brand with this precision seal. Musui means "without water" in Japanese. Because our pots retain all the natural moisture of ingredients, there is no need to add excess water or additional broth. As a result, flavors and nutrients are far less likely to leach away, keeping water-soluble vitamins intact. Based on our testing, vegetables also retain their sugar level, making the vegetables taste sweeter. What's more, our signature precision seal creates steam convection which helps cook food faster. In general, less cook time means more nutrient retention.