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Musui–Kamado Series: Steam-Roast

The Best of Both Worlds

What is Steam-Roasting?

Just as the name suggests, this cooking method unites both steaming and roasting into one easy step. The Musui's precision seal combined with the Kamado's even heat distribution generates steam convection from the moisture within the ingredients themselves, making them tender on the inside, caramelized on the outside while concentrating the ingredients' true flavors.

We believe steam-roasting is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to consume vegetables and that this cooking technique will elevate your approach to cooking vegetables.

The Bountiful Benefits of Steam-Roasting

As tasty as it looks: Steam-roasted vegetables retain color, texture, and, most importantly, flavor. Vegetables are vibrant and delight the senses—perfectly cooked inside and out.

Equal parts nutritious and delicious: Unlike boiling, steam-roasting does not put ingredients into contact with water; therefore, more nutrients remain intact. Thus, Steam-roasting is an efficient way to preserve nutrients. Furthermore, the Musui's precision seal intensifies the flavor profile of each ingredient. For example, because you can taste the pure umami of vegetables, adding extra salt or other seasonings is unnecessary to enhance flavors.

Time-saving: Unlike ovens, the Musui–Kamado doesn't require preheating to steam-roast, and with the Kamado's induction heating, it takes little time to reach your desired heat. Forget the hot kitchen during summertime from roasting vegetables in the oven. You can achieve faster and better results with the touch of a button using the Musui–Kamado.

Simple Steam-Roasting Steps

There are two ways to steam-roast vegetables:

1. Steam-roasting whole vegetables
This method will help intensify natural sweetness by keeping vegetables close to their state in nature. We highly recommend this cooking style for vegetables such as corn, sweet potatoes, and beets.


  • Once washed, transfer to the pot without draining water. Keeping vegetables moist will prevent scorching and give natural flavors a boost.
  • Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water to generate enough steam. This ensures ingredients do not get scorched while steaming to perfection.

2. Steam-roasting cut vegetables

When steam-roasting cut vegetables, you can achieve a delightfully crispy texture and toasty flavor by adding oil. You can cook various kinds of vegetables with this cooking method, but we recommend you try steam-roasting brussels sprouts, broccoli, and asparagus for starters. The Vermicular difference is one you can taste.


  • Make sure to cut all vegetables in similar sizes, so they cook equally.
  • Place vegetables in the pot cut-side down to achieve an even sear.

Always cover with the lid for steam-roasting
Make sure to cover with the lid when steam-roasting so that the pot can create steam convection.

Steam-Roasting Recipe: Using the Whole Vegetable

Try this simple yet utterly delicious corn-on-the-cob recipe. This recipe will show you how steam-roasting maximizes the natural sweetness of ingredients.

2 corn cobs, ears husked, cut in half
Kosher salt

Add 2 tablespoons of water and lay corn in the pot. Sprinkle salt, cover and steam-roast over [LOW] heat for 25 minutes.

Steam-Roasting Recipe: Elevating Cut Vegetables

Try the Miso Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts recipe—moist inside but crispy outside.

14-15 brussels sprouts, halved lengthwise
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Glaze Mixture
2 teaspoons miso
2 teaspoons maple syrup
2 teaspoons whole grain mustard
1/4 teaspoon soy sauce


  1. Add vegetable oil into the pot while the pot is still cold and space out brussels sprouts evenly, cut-side down. Cover and steam-roast over [LOW] heat for 20 minutes.
  2. In a small bowl, mix ingredients for Glaze Mixture. Set aside.
  3. Add Glaze Mixture into the pot and stir to coat the brussels sprouts.


  • For Step 1, try not to open the lid while cooking. If the lid is opened, steam will escape, and the brussels sprouts may not cook properly.
  • Steam-roasted brussels sprouts will be soft and tender on the inside with caramelized textures on the outside. Adjust the amount of sauce depending on the size of brussels sprouts.

Steam-Roasting Guide

You can check the steam-roasting cooking guide for each vegetable in the below chart.

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