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Quick-Start Guide Musui–Kamado

We’re thrilled for you to begin cooking with the Musui–Kamado. We've compiled helpful cooking and cleaning tips below, so you can enjoy using your Musui–Kamado for years to come. To get started, watch the video below.

Handling the Musui–Kamado

Here are some important things to keep in mind when using the Musui–Kamado:

  • The Musui can be used with the Kamado or on its own on all stovetops and in the oven (up to 570°F).
  • Avoid using metal utensils for cooking.
  • Season the rims of the pot and lid by coating with a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent rusting, especially before the first several uses.
  • Avoid filling the Musui more than halfway with liquid (water, soup, etc.). Always leave the pot uncovered when boiling or stewing liquids over [MED] heat.
  • Always hold the bottom of the appliance with both hands when lifting up or carrying.

Reference the Care Instructions on pages 21–23 of the enclosed cookbook for more information.

Initial Setup

Setting the clock

  1. Plug in the Kamado, then touch and hold the POWER icon for 3 seconds.
  2. Once the clock display starts to blink, use the [∨ ∧] icons to adjust the time. Touch and hold to adjust the time in greater increments.
  3. Touch [OK] to set.
The clock is displayed in military time (24-hour format).
- The clock must be set prior to enabling RICE COOKING mode.

MK Quick Start User Manual Cover 650

Digital User Manual

Read the user manual for complete instructions and important safety information before using the Musui–Kamado.

Cooking with your Musui–Kamado

Cooking techniques

Visit the Musui–Kamado Techniques page or reference the back of each tab within the enclosed cookbook to learn the basic rules of the following cooking techniques.

If you prefer a visual guide, click on each technique below for a video tutorial.

Basic rice cooking tips

With the Musui–Kamado's automatic RICE COOKING mode, you can cook rice in just a few, simple steps.

  1. Select [RICE COOKING] mode.
  2. Select rice type: white [WHT] or brown [BRWN]. Next, select the desired finish: normal [NORM], scorched (crispy rice) [SCORCH], or porridge [PORR]. Then, select the amount of rice you are cooking between [1.0–4.0] rice cups and select OK.
  3. Set your desired completion time and select [START] to begin soaking.
Watch the Musui–Kamado | Rice Cooking video for a step-by-step tutorial.

Kamado heat settings

  • [MED]: 445ºF
  • [LOW]: 300ºF
  • [EXT LOW]: 230ºF
  • [WARM]: Adjustable in 1ºF increments, between 90–200ºF

Reference the Heating Guide on page 185 of the enclosed cookbook for more information.

Cleaning your Musui–Kamado

We recommend washing with mild dish soap and a soft sponge. Never scrub with force or with abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the enamel coating.

Always dry the pot immediately after washing to prevent the rims from rusting. In the event that rust appears, you can easily remove it by using mild dish soap or baking soda on the affected area.

Use a damp cloth to clean the entire surface of the Kamado. Never immerse the device in water or any other liquids. For tough stains, use a soft cloth with mild dish soap. Then, dry thoroughly with a separate cloth.

Reference the Care Instructions on pages 24–25 of the enclosed cookbook for more information. For step-by-step instructions on specific cleaning methods, like removing rust, visit our Help Center.

MK Quick Start Cookbook Cover 650

Digital Cookbook

The official Musui–Kamado cookbook, including a comprehensive use guide and over 70 original recipes to get you started.

Have any questions?

Visit our Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions, or feel free to contact email hidden; JavaScript is required for further assistance.


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