Vermicular | Journal | Our Design Approach

Our Design Approach

Crafted in Japan

As a cast iron manufacturer with a multi-generational pedigree, Vermicular exists because of the remarkable technical capabilities of our master craftspeople. Since 2010, we have been able to deliver enameled cast iron pots worthy of the label "Crafted in Japan" to customers, and we have sold a total exceeding 550,000 units (as of March 2021) in Japan alone. We brought our products to the United States so that a growing international audience can enjoy dishes that reflect ingredients' authentic, inherent, natural flavors. We hope those who use Vermicular cookware appreciate the meticulous precision and pride of Japanese craft and manufacture. The pursuit of excellence in crafting quality cookware is our uncompromising belief.

Lasting Quality: No Model Change for a Decade

We live in a world where speed is vital in the corporate environment. However, at Vermicular, we take a different approach, as product development can take over three years. That is the case because we are guided by an ethos that discourages us from launching anything until we are satisfied that it is second to none. Our EVP and CEO, Tomo Hijikata, found that releasing products on an annual basis becomes an end in itself rather than a means to develop better products. An approach to genuine quality succumbs to obsessive product development, a culture at odds with our own. Therefore, Vermicular delivers products that are thoroughly created for functionality and design, precluding the impulse to redesign for at least ten years because we believe our customers do not need to replace them. For that reason, we are particular about how we make our products and refrain from releasing anything until we are wholeheartedly confident in it.


Every design detail in our cookware reflects one main goal: to simply and elegantly enhance your everyday. Our aesthetics reflect a clean design philosophy that strives to balance a wide variety of functions with a form rooted in the beauty of simplicity.

Non-toxic, Safe Materials

Ingredients are the heart of our products, and for that reason, we take great care when it comes to the materials used in everything we craft. Our Musui–Kamado and Oven Pots come in gentle, natural color tones rather than vivid colors because we refuse to use the chemical cadmium in products created for daily use. Our frying pans are coated in enamel that is non-toxic and non-reactive. Safe materials are essential in all of our cookware.

More Than Just Cookware

We believe that we do not sell products simply as cookware. We understand ourselves as designing and delivering products that help enrich lives. Our original recipes—created every day by talented executive chefs for publication in our cookbook and on our website—are also extensions of our products by taking full advantage of their capabilities. We continue to develop dishes tailored to our customers' different preferences and lifestyles and thoughtfully applying them to our products. We believe in a product that transcends the sum of its parts—an attribute that captures the virtue of Japanese manufacturing.